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About Shuki

About Shuki

My name is Shuki Haidu. I was born and raised in Jerusalem, a city that I love and breath every day. I am a Jerusalemite by nature and by profession, exposing the magic of this city to all who encounter it.

Knowing Jerusalem  

I’ve been working as a licensed tour guide since 2009, specializing in Jerusalem. I tour the city from east to west, ancient to modern, day to night. Over the years, I guided a diverse range of clients: foreign and domestic, large groups and individuals, VIPs and simple people like me, of all religious affiliations. 

I offer a wide scope:

classic history tours, boutique and concept tours, culinary, nightlife, graffiti & art, Segway and bicycle tours, and any other way i can serve my jerusalem.

Exploring Jerusalem  

I had the privilege working for the City of David’s archaeological excavations for six years. During that time, I took part in uncovering Jerusalem’s impressive past. I had the opportunity to touch its history with my hands, to see it with my eyes.

I am constantly surprised and intrigued by Jerusalem; it’s unparalleled uniqueness and diversity, the three religions that share the Old City, the hundreds of ethnic groups, communities and religious sects that live together. 

I'm constantly falling in love with this city, over and over again.

Being a Part of Jerusalem 

I live in Jerusalem and can't imagine living anywhere else.

I am always grateful for the privilege of living here, knowing that billions of people throughout history only dreamed to visit Jerusalem, if only once.

I raise my children to love and connect with our special city.

I am proud to be a part of the Shuk Gallery, a street-art project that colors the streets of Jerusalem with people and stories.

I happily serve as a consultant for the development of tourism in Jerusalem.