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Culinary Tour of the Machane Yehuda Market

If you really want to experience Israel, and especially Jerusalem, you need to delve into its culinary palette and try the local food. 

Jerusalem is home to people from all over the world and boasts many of the cuisines they brought with them. But the most fascinating cuisine of them all, is the one that was created in the holy city itself.

During the Culinary Tour of the market, we'll walk between the different shops and food stalls, tasting some of the great dishes that the city has to offer. We'll tell the history of the area, we’ll hear stories from behind the stalls - from the people who make the market the culinary experience that it is. 

We’ll sample a multitude of foods: pastries, meats, spices, fruits and special juices. 

The scope of the tour can vary: it can be a tasting tour, or we can make the it into a delectable full meal. 

Either way, get ready - your senses will be engaged, your taste buds will explode.